Success Story: Ben Paynter Leukaemia Funds

Jacynta-Lee and Ben

“Four Weeks ago, our good friend Ben Paynter had been suddenly diagnosed with A.L.L Leukaemia. It wasn’t a diagnosis that anyone was expecting, as he just had a sore back and didn’t feel 100%.

Our brains went into overdrive, trying to find a way that we can help our dear friend, but since it is an illness only he and the doctors can fix, there was not much that we could do.

I (Jacynta-lee) signed up to become a blood donor and collected bone marrow donation registration forms knowing that the little things like that won’t be able to help Ben directly, but it will contribute to the treatment of other people having to deal with the same illness. My partner Luke Peters (pictured) has also helped to raise funds for Ben.

We then did some research on ways to raise money, knowing that he will need money since he cannot work and is living away from home (Tamworth). seemed like the best place to start, so we created the campaign, got a few donations then launched it. By the end of that day, we had raised $2,475!

We quickly got to work and created a poster and shared the link to his campaign over social media. With the help of a few locals we gathered some prizes for a raffle and started selling the tickets!

We have now raised $5,455 in just over 2 weeks!

Our ultimate goal is to raise $20,00 over the course of his treatment in order to help pay for his basic living needs as an outpatient. We would just like to thank everybody that has contributed on helping raise these funds, it is greatly appreciated!”

Learn more about Jacynta-lee’s campaign for her dear friend Ben here:

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