Save Hollygrove Market & Farm!

HollyGroveFarm Building for the Future

HollyGroveFarm Building for the Future
“Established in 2008, Hollygrove Market & Farm (HMF) was begun by several nonprofit organizations to bring fresh produce to the underserved Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. HMF is a unique model of local food sourcing, distribution and production. We are located on one acre of ground comprised of a retail market, community garden space, and two commercial urban farm plots. We are open daily and, in addition to produce, we sell dairy and eggs, meats, breads and baked goods, pantry items, prepared foods, and more – all locally sourced. We also offer home delivery and wholesale to local restaurants and organizations.

By sourcing solely from a network of over 100 small, family farms and food businesses located within 200 miles of New Orleans, we support our local agricultural system. We connect residents to the producers of the food they are consuming while creating jobs and strengthening the local economy. While we aim to increase fresh food access to all of New Orleans, we strive to increase access to low income, food insecure households by offering discounts and utilizing other outreach methods.

Our farm consists of plots maintained by community growers from the Hollygrove neighborhood and beyond, fruit and vegetable demonstration beds, and two large plots farmed by experienced, commercial (mentor) growers. Our farmers grow for home consumption and to sell at the market. The farm also serves as a demonstration site for visitors interested in adopting environmentally sustainable practices. We host workshops on topics such as home vegetable gardening, composting, raising chickens, bee keeping, food preparation and cooking, and more! We serve brunch every Sunday and conduct individual, group, and school tours and a “bioblitz” (Urban Ecology Exploration). Our outdoor space is available for parties and special events. Visitors are always welcome.”

Check out the Hollygrove Market & Farm crowdfunding campaign page below to support this awesome cause:



Saving Hearts, Saving Heads – Team Robbie!

Saving Hearts Saving Heads

Saving Hearts Saving Heads

“We started this project so we could help provide education safety to those in need and prevent any one else from losing a little brother or sister.  Losing a loved one is unbearable , especially at a young age. Accidents happen, but just wearing a helmet reduces head injury by 50%. Helmets help make accidents survivable and not fatal. That is the message we want to provide, and by providing a free helmet we can have these conversations.

After losing Robbie, we decided each year we would do a charitable event in his memory. Each year we would pick something Rob loved and had a passion for , so we could keep his spirit present with us. We want to honor his life by helping others and affecting positive change with bike safety. He was an amazing person who had an affinity for producing, DJing and technology; Rob was known for fixing gaming consoles in his spare time. He was constantly saying “I love you, man” and embracing life with a positive attitude. He was always laughing, smiling, making music and working towards his future. A budding entrepreneur, his life was taken at the young age of 16 before his high school graduation and potential realized. Rob’s life’s purpose of helping others must be continued and we want to embody that spirit with this helmet donation.”

For more on these wonderful sisters who are doing wonderful things to remember their brother Robbie, visit their crowdfunding page below:

Welcome to Teams

So you’ve got a social cause you’d like to take action on.

You’ve followed our tips on the Crowdfunding Academy, you’ve gathered your crowd of supporters, and now you’re ready to take action!

How can you make your campaign even more successful?

Create a Team!

To help your crowdfunding campaign reach its full potential, building a team is the single most effective thing you can do. 

We analysed over 5,000 campaigns on and found that the standout factor that determined whether you were likely to be successful or not was whether you had more than one team member.

So today, we’re introducing the new, upgraded Chuffed Team Tools.

Think about the group of supporters you already have behind you.  You might have:

  • Close family members, friends, partners or colleagues who are personally motivated to see you succeed
  • A public figure, celebrity or well-known individual in the field who supports you
  • Key volunteers who are helping you with the campaign
  • Organisational / Group / Board Members that back you

Now instead of all sharing an account, or having them hidden behind the campaign, you can make them visible on your campaign page and give them specific roles to help you edit your campaign. 

Create a Profile

For the super committed, you can now give each team member their own fundraising page and fundraising target

This way, you can enable people who support your campaign to also raise their own funds! They can then share a unique, personal page with their networks and make better use of their social connections. This will give them a higher sense of accountability for helping your campaign reach its target.

If a team member has little time to spare, you can simply set up their page for them and give them a link to share on social media.

The new leaderboard feature helps you keep track of who’s doing well and who needs some help:


Having a team is a great way to show the faces behind your story and personalise your message, and donors will be more likely to trust your project when they see you’ve got support behind you to help you roll it out!

Want to know more about specific team roles. Read the Three ways you can now build your online team on

Where to from here?  Take these steps to build your team today!

  1. Head to and begin your campaigning (for free!)
  2. Navigate to the Team section
  3. Create Team Members (all you need is their name)
  4. Choose their Role in the Campaign!
  5. Optimise Editors & Fundraisers

Girls Torque & Kidzucate: Taking a stand against bullies!

Sian, Founder of Kidzucate

Sian, Founder of Kidzucate

“I am super passionate about my sport, and do everything to encourage other women to join me in what is normally a dedicated male domain. But when I met Sian (the founder of Kidzucate) and heard what she was doing for kids who are bullied, I took a giant step back. I was truly humbled to be in the presence of one so young who was so passionate about something so important.

When I told her that I was bullied terribly at school, she, like many others,  was surprised. How could this be? I’m a race car driver, I sign autographs, I do public speaking and go on show with my race car. I’m a bright and bubbly person with what seems to be oodles of self confidence.

Girls Torque already has collectible racer cards that the kids absolutely adore, and Azelene (Sian’s mum) told me about the idea she had for a set of playing cards for the Kidzucate organisation. “Why don’t we join the ideas together, to show that just because you’re in the public eye, doesn’t mean you’re not a victim.?”

So we formed a team, with Sue Corbett (founder of Girls Torque), Azelene Williams (Kidzucate), myself (Girls Torque advocate and self employed Graphic Artist) and approached all our junior racer girls to see who would like to be an ambassador against bullies. The response was as outstanding as the motivational comments they all provided. It was so hard to choose from so many inspirational young racers. Some who themselves have horrific bully stories to tell.

With the playing cards designed and currently being printed, we aim to be delivering the first packs out to schools in early November. And hopefully with more support, we can order more to deliver more in the new year.”

Learn more about this awesome cause by heading to the crowdfunding campaign page:


Brighton Syrian Musicians: Vinyl Record & Community Support

The Syrian All Stars

The Syrian All Stars

“Best Foot Music is a UK based ‘non profit’ organisation, working with musicians and communities who have come to live here, from elsewhere in the World.

Our work includes making music recordings, organising events and supporting artists in whichever creative projects they wish to pursue. We aim to challenge negative stories around migration and support diversity in the community.

The first people we started recording with were from Poland, living in Brighton and London. Over the years we’ve become good friends.

Initially, we just made music recordings, but then realised we needed to give something back to the people we worked with. Many wanted us to help them with promotions and organising gigs. Often those who have only recently arrived in the UK, do not have access to the networks and resources available to those long established in the UK music industry.

I get really excited every time the musicians we work with performing at a concert. Music genuinely helps break down social barriers and is a great way to bring people together.

The war in Syria has resulted in many people having to leave the country, some of who have settled in Sussex. Many have arrived with only a few belongings, and need support. The Sussex Syrian Community Group was set up by people from the local Syrian community, and the Hardship fund is administered by the community. It pays for English lessons, day to day support and social events, which help people build friendships and community networks.

We’re excited about the record for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will enable people to support the community and show support for those people who have sort refuge in the UK.

Secondly, we hope the record will form an enriching and permanent document of some of the musical cultures that people bring to life in the UK, wherever they travel from and under whatever circumstances.”

Learn more about the awesome Best Foot Music cause on their crowdfunding campaign page and video below!

Kimbourne Park: Building community & growing local food with a permaculture garden!

Erin, Founder of Garden@Kimbourne

Erin, Founder of Garden@Kimbourne

“Moving from the country to Toronto, I found the concrete, congestion, and visible disparities between rich and poor overwhelming. I desperately missed the feeling of being rooted in a community, so I soothed my feelings of disconnect by putting down roots—literally.

I had gotten interested in food justice because it encompasses all the causes I care about most: poverty, environmental restoration, health through access to good food, even policy-making around our food systems. In 2014 I worked up the courage to attend a food justice event downtown by myself. That’s where I heard the word “permaculture” for the first time, and I discovered that people around the world were already growing food in ways that made the earth and their communities healthier. That we could turn farms into ecosystems instead of machines. That people could be a part of the living ecosystem and not its enemies. That making enough healthy soil—something incredibly easy to start doing—could even pull us back from the tipping point of climate change.

I devoured every book, video, and podcast I could get my hands on. I started volunteering with a local group called Permaculture GTA. And when I found out the church I’d recently started attending had a big, unused lawn, I screwed up my courage once again and asked if I could use it for a secular community garden—something that was connected to but separate from the church so that anyone, regardless of faith, would feel welcome to join. The church was incredibly supportive, and some of its members helped form the initial committee that planned the goals of what became Garden@Kimbourne Community Permaculture Project: to grow food and community using permaculture principles, to spread food education through free workshops and events, and to donate at last half of the year’s harvest to a local food bank.

Today, members of the community make up half of Garden@Kimbourne’s leadership and most of our members. Most people come to us with no gardening experience, but they are eager for the same feeling of rootedness that I craved for myself. One of my most rewarding moments was putting a packet of seeds in the hands of a young woman who, a year before, was completely inexperienced and terrified of doing something wrong. “Check the directions and plant them over there,” I told her. She grinned and walked confidently away.”
Erin Alladin
Coordinator, Garden@Kimbourne

Learn more about this awesome cause on Garden@Kimbourne’s crowdfunding campaign page and video below!


Compelled by Love – Changing lives and alleviating poverty!

Compelled by Love Team

Compelled by Love Team

“In 2010, my uncle made the huge decision to move with his family to Rwanda to train local NGO’s in a trauma rehabilitation program called Empower. In 1994, genocide took place in Rwanda in which over 1 million people were killed in the space of just 100 days. The horror that people experienced is beyond words. Even now, 23 years on, many Rwandans re-live what they went through during the genocide on a daily basis, completely crippled by their trauma. Today in Rwanda, victims and perpetrators of the genocide are living side by side in the same communities – so there is a huge amount of fear and suspicion that hangs over people. Many live in isolation and suffer from chronic pain and headaches, nightmares, flashbacks, inability to sleep, hopelessness, lack of purpose, plotting revenge, plotting suicide, lacking the will to live.

When my uncle decided to move across the world to Africa – with four kids – I was so inspired by his courage and desire to share the resources he had to make an impact. I became a supporter of him in his journey and what he was doing – and along the way, as I learnt more and more about Rwanda, my heart was moved by not only the devastating stories, but by the resilience, determination and strength of the Rwandan people. I saw huge change in people’s lives through the Empower program and got involved as a volunteer to raise funds and awareness for this important work. As support grew, and the work expanded, I joined with my uncle and a number of others to establish a not-for-profit organisation in Australia called Compelled By Love, to advocate for the need and raise funds to continue this work. I now have the privilege of working for this organisation.

I love this work in Rwanda because it is so unique. In general, we don’t build anything or make anything – you can’t ‘go and see’ a structure that shows what we do. The change that’s taking place is internal – amazing testimonies of people sleeping through the night for the first time since the genocide, of crying for the first time, of sharing their story with another person for the first time, of having relief from chronic pain. People sharing about forgiveness and reconciliation; about recovering meaning and purpose in life, and the will to live – and then combining this hope with the skills and resources they have to start addressing poverty for themselves.

We aim to support our partners in Rwanda to run Empower monthly – each program has 36 participants who’s lives begin a process of amazing transformation in just seven days. ”

To find out more about Compelled By Love, visit or check out their awesome crowdfunding campaigns below!

Help Emma unlock young refugees’ potential with Unicef UK

Emma Sinclair

Emma Sinclair

“My name is Emma Sinclair. I’m a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of alumni software company EnterpriseAlumni.

I spend a great deal of my time fielding questions from people about their careers and business: how to get ahead, how to secure a promotion, how to move industries. My best piece of advice is that it doesn’t always need to be all about the career ladder you’re currently on. In fact, on the contrary, my advice is it may be far more valuable to get a side gig.

My various side gigs have done many things for me. They’ve given me an increasingly powerful voice at many tables, from media to business and government. They’ve exposed me to people, places and experiences I might otherwise never have met. They have given me rich life experiences that make me a better employer, friend, corporate citizen and colleague. And hopefully they’ve encouraged other people I know to get a side gig too.

It was in pursuing one of these side gigs that I was able to visit Zambia with Unicef in September 2014 to front a programme providing financial, enterprise and employability skills to young people in communities where opportunities are limited. This visit made me a better, more informed person on youth unemployment and, more broadly, how to assist young people seeking a better future through access to opportunity. More than one billion adolescents stand at the crossroads between childhood and adulthood, 200 million of whom are in Africa, where they are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults. And I saw that first hand.

Following this experience, I wanted to find a way to bring my tribe of entrepreneurs, innovators and business people together to invest in and support a particularly at risk next generation of thinkers and innovators. Two weeks ago I launched Unicef Uk’s first crowd fund to roll out Innovation Labs in Azraq Refugee Camp, Jordan. 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes and face unimaginable hardships. Many have lost their family, their friends, their chance to go to school – a privilege most of us enjoyed. The roll out of these Innovation Labs, which this crowd fund is seeking to fund, will give young people support, seed funding and training in highly-sought-after digital skills, including coding and engineering.

It is in this way that I hope my own side gig will not only enrich my experiences but can help unlock the potential of younger generations of entrepreneurs.”

To learn more about Emma and join her in unlocking the potential of these vulnerable young people, check out her crowdfunding campaign page below:

Welcome to Teams



What do you think makes the most difference to your chances of success on a crowdfunding campaign? The Video? The Perks? The Target?

Turns out it’s none of those.

We analysed over 5,000 campaigns on and found that the standout factor that determined whether you were likely to be successful or not was whether you had a team member.

So, we decided to make working with teams much simpler.

Here are the three ways you can now do it on

1. The Advocate Team

In lots of situations, one person gets the responsibility to make sure their crowdfunding page looks perfect and their main job is to put all the content up and then give the rest of the team a link to the campaign page. Everyone else needs to be acknowledged on the page, but they don’t need to edit it.

We’ve made it super simple to add team members names and profile photos directly in the campaign editor and then like magic, they’ll appear on your page.

2. The Collaborative Team

What about if more than one person needs to edit the campaign? Then it becomes a collaborative effort.

All you need to do in this case, is to add the person’s name and email and invite them to become an Editor. They’ll then get sent an email invitation with login details to edit the campaign.

This is great for the situation when you’re co-founders or a campaign team or someone has the bank account details and you need to share the campaign with them.

3. The Fundraiser Team

The deepest level of team is when people agree to fundraise for you. They need their own Individual page that’s connected to the main campaign.

All you need to do is to add in the person’s name and then switch on their individual fundraiser page. If they need to edit the page too, just invite them to edit it. Note that they’ll only be able to edit their individual fundraiser page unless you give them “Editor” access to the main page.

This is great for: when you’ve got team members with their own networks; or if you’re running a fundraising challenge event; or if you want to create a bit of competition amongst the team.

Where to from here?
Whether you’re an Individual, or representing an organisation, it’s easy to build a team!

Here are the first steps:

  1. Head to and begin your campaigning (for free!)
  2. Navigate to the Team section
  3. Create Team Members (all you need is their name)
  4. Choose their Role in the Campaign!
  5. Optimize Editors & Fundraisers


Clean Oceans, Clean Water by A Perfect Foundation Charity

The Grays

The Grays

“My first trip to the Mentawai Islands was early 2015 when we collaborated with Waves For Water and assisted with the implementation of water filters and tanks in a remote village only accessible via boat. These life-saving filters meant the women didn’t have to trek 30min each way to get water and carry the heavy buckets back, then boil the water and let cool before they could drink it. Visiting places like this and seeing how these remote communities live with basic facilities and no clean water or waste management systems really makes you think about life and puts your priorities into perspective.

At the time I was working for my husband’s surf travel company as a travel specialist, but I found this wasn’t giving me the fulfillment I got from helping less fortunate people. Having such an interest in this region and getting to know so many local Mentawai, we wanted to invest our time and effort into assisting what they really wanted and that was learning English skills to be a part of the growing tourism industry and learn more about creating a sustainable environment.

We have been operating in this region ever since running English and Environmental programs and now have a fully functioning recycling program introduced. It’s heartbreaking when you see communities surrounded by plastic and waste and don’t know what to do with it, but it’s heart-warming when you see them excited about collecting the plastic and sorting it for recycling knowing they’re making a difference to their environment and overall health.”

For more on A Perfect Foundation Charity and their awesome cause, check out their crowdfunding page below: