Coast to Coast for Clean Force

Clean Force Team

Clean Force Team

“Mark Lawson, Sam Donaldson and Myself (Leons Ansons) are all colleagues who work for Fulton Hogan and Laing O’Rourke. We are all different ages and take up vastly different roles whilst working on the North Eastern Alliances Level Crossing Removal Project. We came together with a passion for sport and exercise, playing basketball, going surfing and enjoying our time outside of work. Somehow the conversation started on competing in a sporting event in New Zealand. ‘Why not?’ we said.

Then all of a sudden we had committed, somewhat ignorantly, to competing in New Zealand’s Coast to Coast world Multi Sport Adventure Race. Where we will have two days and under 24 hours to cover 243 km of tough terrain starting on the West Coast of New Zealand at Kumara Beach, crossing the main divide and finishing on the East Coast at New Brighton Beach in Christchurch. The brutal and challenging race includes a 70km kayak, 33.7km of mountain running and 140 km of cycling.

Once the realisation of just how large this event will be dawned on us, we started to realise how inspiring our commitment and dedication to training could become. That is when the idea of fundraising alongside the event came to the forefront of our brains. Our project team is highly invested and interested in employing and incorporating social enterprises into our business one of those in particular is Clean Force, a social enterprise that provides top-notch commercial cleaning services and creates sustainable award-wage employment opportunities for people with severe mental illness. The absolute kindness and dedication of dealing with some of clean force’s owners absolutely moved us. The first thought of their organisation was a ‘no brainer.’

The problem was that, at this point, we had all never ever really ran a large fundraiser before. We didn’t really know how to get started. The first steps were to get the word out there and to develop a fundraising page. The word was easy, we had friends, family and colleagues in our respective businesses that we could look to for donations and spreading the word. Now, the page, that was not so easy. Numerous, multinational online fundraising pages taking commission after commission. I finally stumbled across Another ‘non-for-profit’ enterprise that shared similar interests. Bam, a match made in heaven.

Now, from the kindness of businesses around Australia, our friends, our family and our colleagues. Clean Force has over $8000 in donations to help provide further education, training and materials for their employees. Opportunities that will help grow the business and give more jobs to those who need it most.”

Learn more about this awesome cause in the Clean Force crowdfunding campaign page below:

Kimbourne Park: Building community & growing local food with a permaculture garden!

Erin, Founder of Garden@Kimbourne

Erin, Founder of Garden@Kimbourne

“Moving from the country to Toronto, I found the concrete, congestion, and visible disparities between rich and poor overwhelming. I desperately missed the feeling of being rooted in a community, so I soothed my feelings of disconnect by putting down roots—literally.

I had gotten interested in food justice because it encompasses all the causes I care about most: poverty, environmental restoration, health through access to good food, even policy-making around our food systems. In 2014 I worked up the courage to attend a food justice event downtown by myself. That’s where I heard the word “permaculture” for the first time, and I discovered that people around the world were already growing food in ways that made the earth and their communities healthier. That we could turn farms into ecosystems instead of machines. That people could be a part of the living ecosystem and not its enemies. That making enough healthy soil—something incredibly easy to start doing—could even pull us back from the tipping point of climate change.

I devoured every book, video, and podcast I could get my hands on. I started volunteering with a local group called Permaculture GTA. And when I found out the church I’d recently started attending had a big, unused lawn, I screwed up my courage once again and asked if I could use it for a secular community garden—something that was connected to but separate from the church so that anyone, regardless of faith, would feel welcome to join. The church was incredibly supportive, and some of its members helped form the initial committee that planned the goals of what became [email protected] Community Permaculture Project: to grow food and community using permaculture principles, to spread food education through free workshops and events, and to donate at last half of the year’s harvest to a local food bank.

Today, members of the community make up half of [email protected]’s leadership and most of our members. Most people come to us with no gardening experience, but they are eager for the same feeling of rootedness that I craved for myself. One of my most rewarding moments was putting a packet of seeds in the hands of a young woman who, a year before, was completely inexperienced and terrified of doing something wrong. “Check the directions and plant them over there,” I told her. She grinned and walked confidently away.”
Erin Alladin
Coordinator, [email protected]

Learn more about this awesome cause on [email protected]’s crowdfunding campaign page and video below!


Clean Oceans, Clean Water by A Perfect Foundation Charity

The Grays

The Grays

“My first trip to the Mentawai Islands was early 2015 when we collaborated with Waves For Water and assisted with the implementation of water filters and tanks in a remote village only accessible via boat. These life-saving filters meant the women didn’t have to trek 30min each way to get water and carry the heavy buckets back, then boil the water and let cool before they could drink it. Visiting places like this and seeing how these remote communities live with basic facilities and no clean water or waste management systems really makes you think about life and puts your priorities into perspective.

At the time I was working for my husband’s surf travel company as a travel specialist, but I found this wasn’t giving me the fulfillment I got from helping less fortunate people. Having such an interest in this region and getting to know so many local Mentawai, we wanted to invest our time and effort into assisting what they really wanted and that was learning English skills to be a part of the growing tourism industry and learn more about creating a sustainable environment.

We have been operating in this region ever since running English and Environmental programs and now have a fully functioning recycling program introduced. It’s heartbreaking when you see communities surrounded by plastic and waste and don’t know what to do with it, but it’s heart-warming when you see them excited about collecting the plastic and sorting it for recycling knowing they’re making a difference to their environment and overall health.”

For more on A Perfect Foundation Charity and their awesome cause, check out their crowdfunding page below:

Historic Chance to Protect our Oceans!

Ban The Bag
Ban The Bag
“My name is Rianti and I have been a diver for over 20 years, and in that time I’ve organised over 50 clean up dives. Litter is everywhere, and it’s killing our oceans.

Recently I teamed up with the Boomerang Alliance for a final stand against plastic bags!

Firstly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated! After the crowdfunding with ended, we used some of the funds to launch a campaign where we sent an SMS blast to over 5000 Boomerang Alliance supporters asking them to call the Premiers of NSW, VIC and WA to ‘ban the bag’. The campaign was intended to increase pressure before the Environment Ministers meeting on 28 July 2017.

We also asked our supporters to contact the premier and ministers directly and ask them to ban the bag.

This July, we’ve been busy visiting key Electorate Offices asking NSW MPs to help increase the pressure to #BanTheBag on NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian & NSW Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton. The response has been positive with state member for Ryde, Victor Dominello stating plastic bags as “a scourge on the environment”.

We are happy to report that Victorian Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio announced before the Environment Ministers meeting that Victoria might consider a ban on light-weight plastic bag and while a national ban is the most effective way to address the issue, she has not ruled out Victoria doing it alone.

WA Minister for Environment, Stephen Dawson has also said that he is supportive of the move by various local governments to ban single use plastic bags and have asked DER to investigate the possibility of a state-wide ban.

NSW is currently the only state who still resists the ban. Premier Berejiklian made it clear a week before the meeting that she doesn’t support a plastic bag ban.

In response to this, the Boomerang Alliance team decided to sneak into the annual NSW State of the State Conference where Premier Berejiklian was the key note speaker. We used that opportunity to covertly place campaign material calling for a ban on plastic bags on each table and deployed a banner in front of the 650 high profile guests and the Premier herself.

Due to the intransigence of NSW, the meeting of environment ministers on the 28 July failed to agree on national coverage of plastic bag bans.

We still have a lot of work to be done but we will never give up the fight!”

For more check out their awesome campaign page below, which raised a whopping $25,923 for our oceans!