The Top 10 Animal Welfare Crowdfunding Campaigns

At, we are privileged to see amazing campaigns launch every day. Our favourite thing is when campaigns take off to raise bucket loads for their cause or blitz through their fundraising targets.

Here are the Top 10 Animal Welfare Crowdfunding Campaigns – the ones that have raised the most money for their awesome projects and initiatives. 


1. Help Us to Help Them: Bring White Rhino to Altina – $197,503

In 2016, the staff at Altina Wildlife Park in the New South Wales Riverina (in Australia) took their passion for animal conservation one step further, deciding to import three Southern White Rhinos – Mtoto, Mango and Tatu – as part of a global breeding initiative.

They raised a substantial amount of cash – $197,503 – to move, feed and house the animals in the biggest animal campaign yet on 

Check out the campaign page here.


2. Duke’s Place Called Home – £90,360

Duke the Bullock, who was born a dwarf and sustained debilitating pelvic injuries while young, was rescued by a UK family and taken into their North Yorkshire home, along with countless other farm animals that were no longer seen as valuable by their former owners. Soon their kind-hearted endeavours became CALF Sanctuary and the family and animals all required a new home – one more suitable for Duke and his friends. 

When they asked, the community rallied and contributed a huge £90,360 for the purchase of a suitable property and the relocation of all the animals to their new home. 

Check out the campaign here


3. Raising the Roof – $162,458

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary houses rescued farm animals on 153 peaceful acres in Victoria, in southeastern Australia.

Named after founder Pam Ahern’s first rescued pig – Edgar Alan Pig – the sanctuary’s first campaign went bananas, raising $162,458 to build bigger and better lodgings for all its animals. This included goat mountains and jungle gyms, a purpose built duck pond complete with waterfall and a chicken barn called the ‘Barn Mahal’.    

Check out the campaign here


4. Create a Vegan – £82,096

What is Veganuary? The UK-based charity encourages people to try out a vegan diet in January (and at other times of the year too!) to reduce the number of animals in the farming system, our impact on the planet and improve our health all at the same time. They find a huge 67% of people who participate in January, stay vegan throughout the year.   

Their #CreateAVegan campaign raised £82,096 to spread the word about Veganuary via advertisements on public transport in four cities across three countries: London, Manchester, Boston and Sydney. 

Check out the campaign here


5. Project Piggy Paradise – $132,031

Another awesome campaign from our friends at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary – this time to build a swanky new home for the sanctuary’s rescued pigs. One that not only provided shelter, shade, warmth, showers, veterinary treatment areas and the like, but could also inspire change in the way pigs are viewed in our wider society. 

Edgar’s raised $132,031 for the new facility which will allow the public – who can book in to visit – to see the unique and endearing personalities of pigs shine through, and come to a better understanding of these quirky creatures as much more than the before of a ham sandwich. 

Check out the campaign here


6.  $120,000 Kindness Challenge! – $128,172

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary were at it again! They asked supporters to help them raise $120,000 – which they outdid in a $128,172 raise. 

The appeal saw them able to buy essential to get through the winter including over 1 tonne of fruit and veg, 100 new tools, 50 fruit trees, over 500 bales of hay, 5 new shelters, solar panels and a 4WD Utility Vehicle.

Check out the campaign here


7. You Can Save The Lives Of Homeless Dogs! – $83,495

Stray and mistreated dogs are a sad reality on the streets of Thailand’s cities and in other parts of Southeast Asia and the US-based charity Soi Dog Foundation has been doing something about it since 2003.

In 2015, the Foundation raised $82,495 towards the cost of building an animal hospital at their shelter in Phuket.   

Check out the campaign here


8. Raise the Roof – £40,395

After the move to a property suitable to housing Duke the Bullock and his mates, Sharon and her family at CALF Sanctuary returned to in 2016. They raised £40,395 to build a new barn to house the (increasingly social) Duke and: 5 cows, 5 pigs, 4 goats, 30+ sheep and lambs and a smattering of turkeys and chickens.   

Check out the campaign here

9. Build a New Home for Mountain Lions – $53,655

The Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) in Texas provides a safe forever home to big cats and other exotic animals no matter what their history or needs. The CARE property is currently home to 50 animals including mountain lions, African lions, tigers, black and spotted leopards, bobcats, ring-tail lemurs, llamas, and a coati. 

When asked by the Dallas Zoo to take in two new mountain lions they stepped up and raised $53,655 to build them a proper home. 

Check out the campaign here


10. Help PetRescue Fix the Pound – $63,347

PetRescue partner with over 750 animal rescue groups and shelters all over Australia – helping them to re-home hundreds of thousands of unwanted, lost or abandoned pets each year. This campaign – which raised $63,347 – helped them to reach out and partner with more Council-run pounds, only 1% of whom were using PetRescue’s free rehoming services at the time, and where, sadly, the majority of unwanted animals are still put down.  

Check out the campaign here


But wait, there’s more!

If you’d like to check out all of the Animal campaigns we’ve hosted on, you can search them all at our Discover page. 

*Campaigns on raise money in their local currency. This list is ordered by campaign size in Australian dollars. 

The Top 5 Environment Crowdfunding Campaigns

At, we are privileged to see amazing campaigns launch every day. Our favourite thing is when campaigns take off to raise bucket loads for their cause or blitz through their fundraising targets.

Here are the Top 5 Environment Crowdfunding Campaigns – the ones that have raised the most money for their awesome projects and initiatives. 


1. Save Australia’s Heritage from Industrial Pollution – $86,300

In late 2017, the Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) raised a massive $86,300 to protect the world’s largest collection of rock art on the Burrup Peninsula in the Murujuja National Park.

The money raised will be used to independently monitor the effects of  nearby natural gas, iron ore and ammonium fertiliser and explosives industries on the ancient art and put hard evidence behind protection lobbying efforts.

Check out the campaign page here.


2. Help EDO Qld fight for a safer climate – $74,489

The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) in the northeastern Australian state of Queensland has run almost a dozen giving campaigns on and has achieved some amazing wins with 5 of them reaching our list of top grossing environmental campaigns! The second highest grossing of them, this appeal raised $74,489

The EDO’s campaigns help them continue their important work helping ordinary folk stand up for the natural environment, advocating for stronger laws to protect nature and running legal challenges in Australia’s court system to hold industry and government to account. 

Check out the campaign here


3. Help EDO Qld fight climate change in court – right now! – $70,827

Another of the Queensland Environmental Defenders Office‘s regular campaigns to protect the state’s natural assets – this one saw $70,827 raised to support their climate change litigation.  

Check out the campaign here


4. Together we can reshape Queensland’s environmental laws – $70,248

The fourth in their set of campaigns on, this Environmental Defenders Office campaign raised $70,248 for stronger legal protection of iconic places like the Great Barrier Reef and the Cape York Peninsula. 

Check out the campaign here


5. Save the Mapleton Acadian Forest Trail from Clearcutting – $48,546

Not far from Montreal in Canada there is a forest of hemlocks, spruce, birch and beech that Quebec’s Elgin Eco Association raised $48,546 to protect in 2016.

Thanks to their work, the 65 hectare Mapleton Acadian Forest Trail Nature Preserve is now protected in perpetuity in partnership with the Nature Trust of New Brunswick and contains a 3 km nature trail with interpretive signs, footbridges, an observation platform, and a traditional sugar shack for nature lovers to enjoy. 

Check out the campaign here

But wait, there’s more!

Environmental protection campaigns on consistently raise large sums of money. Here are the next five top earning environmental campaigns:

6. Australia raised $44,366 with their campaign: wants to match your donation to #StopAdani 

7.   The Conservation Council of Western Australia raised $43,705 with their campaign: Supreme Court Action to stop Yeelirrie uranium mine 

8.   The Environmental Defenders Office Queensland raised $42,834 with their campaign: Help EDO Qld keep fighting for your future

9.   Climate for Change raised $41,754 with their campaign: Climate for Change Crowdfunder

10.   Environment Tasmania raised $41,635 with their campaign: Help keep Tasmania Truly, Deeply Wild


If you’d like to check out all of the Environment campaigns we’ve hosted on, you can search them all at our Discover page. 

*Campaigns on raise money in their local currency. This list is ordered by campaign size in Australian dollars. 

Historic Chance to Protect our Oceans!

Ban The Bag
Ban The Bag
“My name is Rianti and I have been a diver for over 20 years, and in that time I’ve organised over 50 clean up dives. Litter is everywhere, and it’s killing our oceans.

Recently I teamed up with the Boomerang Alliance for a final stand against plastic bags!

Firstly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated! After the crowdfunding with ended, we used some of the funds to launch a campaign where we sent an SMS blast to over 5000 Boomerang Alliance supporters asking them to call the Premiers of NSW, VIC and WA to ‘ban the bag’. The campaign was intended to increase pressure before the Environment Ministers meeting on 28 July 2017.

We also asked our supporters to contact the premier and ministers directly and ask them to ban the bag.

This July, we’ve been busy visiting key Electorate Offices asking NSW MPs to help increase the pressure to #BanTheBag on NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian & NSW Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton. The response has been positive with state member for Ryde, Victor Dominello stating plastic bags as “a scourge on the environment”.

We are happy to report that Victorian Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio announced before the Environment Ministers meeting that Victoria might consider a ban on light-weight plastic bag and while a national ban is the most effective way to address the issue, she has not ruled out Victoria doing it alone.

WA Minister for Environment, Stephen Dawson has also said that he is supportive of the move by various local governments to ban single use plastic bags and have asked DER to investigate the possibility of a state-wide ban.

NSW is currently the only state who still resists the ban. Premier Berejiklian made it clear a week before the meeting that she doesn’t support a plastic bag ban.

In response to this, the Boomerang Alliance team decided to sneak into the annual NSW State of the State Conference where Premier Berejiklian was the key note speaker. We used that opportunity to covertly place campaign material calling for a ban on plastic bags on each table and deployed a banner in front of the 650 high profile guests and the Premier herself.

Due to the intransigence of NSW, the meeting of environment ministers on the 28 July failed to agree on national coverage of plastic bag bans.

We still have a lot of work to be done but we will never give up the fight!”

For more check out their awesome campaign page below, which raised a whopping $25,923 for our oceans!

Where there’s a Wil, there’s a way!

Wil as a young boy

Wil as a young boy

“My sister and I are so glad we found Chuffed to help our brother Wil.

The best position to be in is one where you really don’t need anyone’s help or charity.   Unfortunately, my brother Wil can use the help of family, friends, his doctors and nurses very much right now.  I am grateful to have found Chuffed to help Wil through the financial struggle side of being sick and recovering. has made it easier for us to share and reach out to Wil’s vast community of support.

Here is the broader story of Wil’s struggle with cancer and why it is so meaningful to us that he wins his battle.  For the first time, we’re sharing our very personal back story on Chuffed:

Our family has had its share of hardship in the last year.  We lost both our parents in 2016 leaving three siblings; Wil, Dina and me to carry on.  Now by brother Wil, the oldest, has been diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer.  Despite our distance, me in Vancouver, Dina near Toronto and Wil just outside Montreal, I’d say we remain a close family.  Certainly, the events of last year brought us much closer.  Losing a parent causes a big shift in your life’s perspective.  Losing both in such a short space of time causes you to age overnight.  Almost instantly, we are the elders of our line.

To shift that perspective further, now our big brother is doing battle with cancer.  And while it’s always important that a loved one fights and beats cancer, our circumstance makes it all the more necessary.  Though cancer and any major surgery brings risks, we are somewhat relieved by hope that Wil’s cancer is an often treatable one unlike mom’s lung cancer.  Still, the surgery, chemo and radiation are very hard, traumatizing and not something you’d want a loved or anyone to have to endure.  We so look forward to the other end of Wil’s journey, when he emerges from his recovery.

Dina and I have families, her with both kids in late high school and university, mine still in their single digits.  We are making sacrifices to help Wil as family does, but our Chuffed crowdfunding campaign is making this much easier.  I have found crowdfunding incredibly rewarding in the past, but always as a contributor.  I find it so easy to give and respond to someone’s need.  I love contributing and seeing how everybody’s “little” can go a long way to helping someone with a genuine need.

Now we find ourselves grateful, on the receiving end of our community; friends and relatives, who are helping us help Wil with his expenses during a long recovery process.  If all goes well, in the end, the disease will leave some scars but it won’t leave Wil or anyone of us with a heavy burden of debt.”

Phil Katsikas

To support Wil and his family at this tough time, head to their campaign page:

A Community Memorial: Friends of Ciudad de Barcelona


“I have always been an active socialist and a campaigner against fascism so, when I read accounts about the International Brigadistas that drowned from the ship Ciudad De Barcelona on their way to fight fascism in 1937 in the Spanish Civil War, I was moved. It reminded me of the many refugees that have also died in the Mediterranean in recent years.

There are many reports that the Brigadistas sang ‘The Internationale’ as the ship was sinking and this really hits me hard. I was utterly stunned to read that one of those Brigadistas shared my name; another Rob MacDonald. He died that day struggling for the same values of solidarity and internationalism that I stand for in my day.

As a stone sculptor and garden builder, it became obvious to me that I needed to create a monument and park to commemorate this tragedy. So me and my life partner Aurora who is from Cataloni, teamed up with local historians and activists and over some time the Solidarity Park project was born.

The important issue for us is to honour these heroes and the local people who saved many of them. Many of the Brigadistas will remain unknown as the ship travelled clandestinely and the history has been hidden but we want to find out as much as is possible.

What also we wanted was to tell their story in a relevant way so that people today understood what the Brigadistas stood for. From that point of view we plan to make the project as participatory as we can and get young people from where the ship sank (Malgrat de mar, Catalonia) involved into actually doing the sculpture with me. This we are going to do with local schools.

Also, we want to bring the international and local communities together again. That is why we are using ‪‬ to appeal for the start up money for the project! By launching the crowdfunding with Chuffed, lots of people have got involved and we are spreading this story around the world and as part of the campaign. In the process, we have uncovered new and fascinating history about people we didn’t know who were aboard the ship.

The highlight was finding the family of the other Rob MacDonald. I am now an honouree cousin of theirs, which makes me very proud. Through them we have had a song produced by a known folk singer Eric Faulkner.
We have also held socials, live events and auctions to fundraise. In all, it’s been a wonderful journey although exhausting too!

Finally, we are set to start working on the project, but we will keep the fund going as there is so much more to do and clearly the scope of the project is going to grow!

So we invite you all to pick up a hammer and chisel and start telling the Brigadistas story which, after all, is about and for us all!”

Rob Macdonald
Solidarity Park

Head to Rob’s crowdfunding campaign page to find out more about this awesome campaign and fascinating part of history:

Australian South Sea Islanders’ Symposium to Remember their History



“My name is Emelda Davis and I am the president of voluntary organisation Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson). This project represents a continued legacy in telling the truth of Australia’s Black-birding history, as we are the forgotten people.

Our forefathers were slaves in the cane fields of Queensland and as part of a trade that kidnapped some $62,500 Melanesian labourers from the eighty islands of Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. Some 15,000 died as a result of common disease and despite authorities knowing this, the trade continued to its fullest capacity.

Mum’s dad Moses Enares was 12 years of age when he was taken from the beach on Tanna Island, Vanuatu and today we are still trying to find our families.

Our board was established in 2009 and is made up of descendants of the Blackbirding trade who’s heritage is a diverse representation from the islands that demonstrates the ‘distinct’ cultural group as recognised by the 1994 Commonwealth of Australia.
Our history is excluded from the Australian narrative and unknown to the majority of the population. Our evident kinship with Indigenous Australia is due to the Aboriginal Protection Acts which absorbed our people on stations, reserves and plantations.”
Australian South Sea Islanders will be at the MUA Offices at 6pm on the 8th of September for a symposium that commemorates the year 2017 as 170 years since Benjamin Boyd first brought their people to NSW in 1847. 2017 marks 110 years since the mass deportation of over 7,000 men and women back to their respective islands.
Learn more about this inspiring cause and the symposium in September here:

Kearsage Food Hub: Creating a Community Space in Bradford!

Community Team

Community Team

“Just about 4 years ago I found myself living back home, all fired up about changing the world, with a blend naïveté and fearlessness typical of a 20-something fresh out of college. During my college experience, I had several “aha” moments where my understanding of the world around me really began to take shape. I studied things like animal rights, environmental and natural sciences, and philosophy, all of which brought me back to one seemingly simple thing: food. But the most important thing I learned was that food today is anything but simple. How we produce, distribute, and consume our food is, in fact, at the heart of most of the issues we face globally.

I returned home from school to discover I was not the only one who came to this realization. Several of my old high school friends had all reached a similar understanding. The good news is, after commiserating for a time, we landed on a solution: local food. This epiphany, while certainly not a reinvention of the wheel, did hold significant repercussions for us, for we all landed back in our hometowns in the Kearsarge region of New Hampshire to discover that there was a big need and desire for organization within our local food system.

We started the Kearsarge Food Hub in Bradford, New Hampshire, in the fall of 2014 as a collective effort to help orchestrate and strengthen local food efforts in our area. We wanted to create better access to local food and make local food production more viable. More than that, though, we all had a deep, intuitive understanding that food could be, and in fact always has been, something that brings people together.

Three years later and we’ve made tremendous strides in furthering our mission. We’ve opened a local food retail outlet, Sweet Beet Market, started distributing to restaurants and food pantries, and taken action in our community to promote our cause through community events, partnerships, and educational efforts. Now we have a unique opportunity to help revive the old Bradford Inn, a building that has been sitting idle on the corner of West Main street in Bradford for over 10 years. We are transforming the space into a local food and community resource center, aiming to create a physical representation of the food hub where people can come together to share company, conversation and local food. Specific plans are still developing, but the old Inn needs a lot of work, so we are raising funds to contribute to renovations as phase one of the building’s revival.”
Hanna Koby Flanders
Director of Marketing and Outreach
Kearsarge Food Hub

Learn more about the awesome Kearsarge Food Hub cause on their crowdfunding campaign page:

JaMels: Dedicated to Rehabilitating Horses in Queensland

“JaMels is a fully registered ACNC charity located on the Tablelands Far North Queensland. We are passionate and dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of horses, providing education and training opportunities to the community and to support horse owners in crisis.
JaMels is only able to operate with the support of the public, businesses and with the continued efforts of our small but dedicated and passionate volunteer team.
Our founders have been rehabilitating horses privately for more than 20 years. Since coming together as a team and forming as a charity, together we have been able to successfully help more horses and owners then we ever dreamed possible.
With Jamels being the only registered Equine Rehabilitation Charity in the North and Far North Queensland, we provide assistance to horses and owners as far as 1000+km away!
It’s dry season in QLD now and for horses that means the grass has died off and they require extra feeding. For some owners, the extra expense of feeding over dry season is not affordable. We see a substantial increase in the number of horses needing our help over dry season.
Equine rehabilitation is extremely costly, basics like food costing $15 a day per horse, veterinary care and treatment quickly exceeds $1500 and the horses typically require 12 to 24 weeks of care before being ready for rehoming.
In the past 7 days alone, we have received requests from owners for assistance with a further three horses and whilst we have the room and the time required to help these horses, we simply do not have the required funds to commit to them.
We are yet to turn horses away and desperately don’t want to start doing so. This is why we have chosen to run crowdfunding campaigns with Chuffed!”
Learn more about this cause by heading to JaMel’s crowdfunding campaign pages:

Rare Revolution: Empowering Young People Affected by Rare Diseases

Nicola & Eddison

Nicola & Eddison

“In February 2014, my life changed forever when my son Eddison, at aged just 13 months was diagnosed with the ultra-rare disease of xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). We were told that he was at a 10,000 time increase risk of skin cancer and would need to spend the rest of his life protected and shielded from all daylight, as well as at risk of complex neurological involvement!

After the initial shock and adjustment, with my sister Rebecca we set about forming an XP charity, which has grown from strength to strength and now supports families globally.

Five years later we decided to turn all we had learned to date on our rare journey, along with our joint passion for writing, to create a self-funded and free subscription rare disease magazine – Rare Revolution Magazine. Our goal to bring vital rare disease information and support to those who need it in an accessible language and format, while being a valuable source of peer and community education around all things rare disease. We aim to give the 350 million people globally affected by rare disease a powerful voice, in the voice that matters -theirs.

As a dedicated team of two, we operate as a not-for-profit publication whilst also still running our rare disease XP charity.

Realising the gap for children affected by rare disease to be heard, we teamed up with some other key players in rare children services to create the #RareYouthProject. This project will not only give thousands of children and young people a publication that represents their lives and struggles, but it is also a project that brings together a unique youth team of young people all living with rare disease, who will shape and create the publication, gaining real life experience, friendships, contacts and confidence. Annually the outgoing team, will mentor the new incoming team, building their communication and leadership skills, while being part of something very special.

Since project concept launch in February 2017 we’ve secured £23,000 grant and sponsorship funding, but need to raise another £17,000.00 to fully deliver this, first of its kind project and get what we hope will become an ongoing project, well and truly kick started. For this we turned to crowdfunding in the hope of others seeing the value in this project, which we hope will in time enhance the lives of many children who participate directly in the project and who access the finished publications.”

Learn more about this wonderful cause on their campaign page:


Together We Rise! Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre

Toronto Hip Hop

Toronto Hip Hop

““No = Next Opportunity” is a mindset that was ingrained in me as a young boy.

When I fell in love with Hip Hop and the art of break dancing I knew my life would never be the same. I was a skilled soccer player and coach, a black belt in martial arts, an avid golf, basketball, volleyball, and baseball player, but I fell in love with breaking. I say without hesitation, breaking saved my life and I am honoured to be at the helm of a movement to bring back Hip Hop to its most real and pure form; when race, class, gender, ability, and economics did not matter.

My passion for dance came from my parents. Every Sunday my parents danced together in our kitchen. Never mind if they’d been arguing the entire week. Sunday was the day that it all would fall to the wayside; and, my parents would dance and everyone would be happy and smiling. Truth be told, it was my mother that encouraged me to pursue dance because she said girls love boys that can dance and I was good at it. Salsa, merengue, popping, locking, breaking; I was, and still am, a great dancer; and I love to dance and it shows.

In the early morning hours, my father would leave our home in Jane and Finch to travel three hours to Union Station, where he shined shoes. He took pride in what he did, and he was the best at it. My father instilled in me that whatever it is you choose to do in your life be the best at it and always give 100%. When you have mastered what you “Love” to do and pride and ego does not impede your judgment, then and only then, do you have power and control over your destiny.

Never would I have imagined that the eldest son of Mexican immigrants would be facilitating a workshop on the topic of “Resilience” for immigrant women, each having experienced some form of trauma and its aftermath – PTSD; or putting on a workshop for autistic children and teaching them how to break dance, the art of DJ’ing and graffiti. Still clear to the day, I remember the sweet sound of a young girl on the mic throwing down some lyrics with DJ DTS on the “wheels of steel” and MC Jaba cheering her on.

I am passionate about the power of Hip Hop as a culture and as a formidable movement. We have a very strong and culturally diverse team of highly skilled creative arts professionals working together to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of children and youth of all ages, abilities, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. We provide a home and safe haven for them to express themselves through Hip Hop. We execute programming that unites, educates, and empowers children and youth as they perfect their chosen artistic form of expression in one or all of the four elements of Hip Hop – BBoying (break dancing), MC’ing, graffiti, and DJ’ing. The fifth element of Hip Hop “Knowledge” is what we are bringing.

The Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Centre inspires, motivates, and engages the children and youth of Toronto that are often failing in their attempts to navigate the world. We are helping them to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood, often a real-life struggle, less challenging

We are the bridge to get these children and youth to where they want to be.   At the very least, we are opening their minds up to opportunities and giving them access to arenas that they may not be able to access on their own. As for myself, a well-respected elder and leader in the Hip Hop community it is my duty to do whatever I can do to push these children and youth up so that they can soar even higher than I was ever able to.

Our ‘success’ is their ‘success’. That said, at the very least, we must try.

‘Together We Rise’.”
Freddy ‘Freeze’ Lopez

For more on this awesome project, check out it’s crowdfunding campaign page: