Success Story: GiveBack GiveAway

Johnny from GiveBack GiveAway
Johnny from GiveBack GiveAway
“Having visited EVERY country in the world, Johnny and Josh wanted the GiveBackGiveAway to ‘give back’ to travel. Senegal, Cambodia, Northern Thailand and now Myanmar, the GBGA team crowdfund and initially built playgrounds for kids in impoverished communities.
As we’ve grown we build classrooms and dormitories for kids who are sleeping rough at the schools. Our upcoming project in Myanmar, the community was devasted by Hurricane Nargis, and 16 orphans are sleeping until a shack, so we want to give them their own space to sleep, their own school to study in and a playground to they too get a chance to be kids.”
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Success Story: Friends of Koh Rong

Rosie & FOKR
Rosie & FOKR
“Four years ago I quit my job to spend time exploring the world, an adventure that eventually led me to the island of Koh Rong. Already in Cambodia with the intention of volunteering, I knew as soon as I arrived at Friends of Koh Rong (FOKR) headquarters (a small shack on a jetty) that this organisation was exactly what I was looking for – a small team looking to make a big difference in this corner of the world. I spent seven months with FOKR and in that time saw huge progress with education, environment and community engagement. When I left I knew I wanted to help them from afar in whatever capacity I could, and from Australia one of the best ways I can help is by fundraising. Cue raising money by running a marathon.
I hope this big commitment by myself will help inspire small financial commitments from others, all in the name of helping a small island community. The reason this particular NGO resonates with me is because its focus is on education and building capacity within the community for them to help themselves i.e. eventually FOKR should cease to exist. Aid can often create a culture of dependency but with FOKR they’re working hard to ensure one day they can bid Koh Rong a teary farewell safe in the knowledge the island has everything it needs to look after itself.”
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Success Story: CameroonONE: Fostering A New Life

Josh from CameroonONE

Josh from CameroonONE

“For many years, I’ve been in horror as the countless negative situations in the world overwhelm me with their intensity. While I was in community college I did a presentation on poverty around the world and the information I uncovered during my research left me with a burning desire to do all I could do make the world a better place for everybody. I was already donating what I could to charities that were doing great work, but I knew that my impact needed to be greater in order to be a light in a world that can seem so dark at times.

For a while I wandered aimlessly in life, knowing that I wanted to make a positive difference in the world but not even knowing where to begin. I checked off boxes, kept my head high, and pushed through many personal trials that life threw at me. It wasn’t until I arrived at Northern Illinois University and was halfway through my first semester there that I realized a path I could take in my life where I could truly make a profound impact.

One of the most inspiring and humble people I’ve ever met in my life, Dennis Barsema, came into my classroom and told us his personal story – one full of strength, endurance, and compassion. He had been massively successful, and was now using his money and time very generously to help inspire future leaders of tomorrow – people who would give back just like he has. He spoke to us about the emerging field of Social Entrepreneurship, which I immediately knew was my calling and passion in life. Finally, after all these years of just filling in boxes to finish school and get a good job I had found something I was also passionate about.

Social Entrepreneurship is essentially using business as a way to create not only financial wealth, but social wealth as well. I am very fortunate to be working with CameroonONE, as they are very focused on building social wealth for the communities they work in. I was drawn to CameroonONE because they are working on addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and they believe in building a better world for future generations. It warms my heart to know that great organizations like CameroonONE exist that are making a positive difference in this world, and I’m thrilled to be part of their team.”

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